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Whether you are a beginner or a pro, our programs will help you crush your fitness goals. Our custom designed workouts employ a multitude of exercise techniques to improve your strength, conditioning, and mobility. 


South Carolina’s Premier Indoor Tactical Training and Self Defense Facility

Drawing from decades of proven performance in the field, our instructors teach the fundamentals of weapons handling and self-defense to survive real-world situations.

Virtual Shooting Range

Our Ti Training® presents the latest in immersive, expanded simulation training. Build your skills with the hundreds of various skill building programs, 850+ HD reality based scenarios where you will hone your critical thinking skills in shoot/no shoot encounters, or bring the family in for fun on the gaming applications. Regardless, shooters will work on safety, marksmanship, and fun!

Non-Lethal Shoot House

Experience the tactical adventure of what it is like to navigate your way through our 2,000 square foot, two story non-lethal shoot house engaging targets with Simunition FX® ammo using the Glock 17T pistol. Shooters receive basic instruction on using the pistol while employing basic room clearing techniques.

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