Gym Facilities & Fitness Classes

Franklin Defense’s functional fitness training center will take your fitness to the next level in our coach led fitness classes. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, our programs will help you crush your fitness goals. Our custom designed workouts employ a multitude of exercise techniques to improve your strength, conditioning, and mobility. We utilize equipment from Sorinex, Rogue, Concept 2, TRX, and REP Fitness which are hailed as the top manufacturers in the industry.

Full functional fitness center
with new top of the line equipment

Sorinex – Rack
Sorinex – Jammer Arms
Sorinex – Wall ball targets/Infinity Ropes
Sorines – Landmine
REP – Battle Ropes
REP – Medicine and Wall Balls
REP – Drag Sleds
REP – Push/Drag Sleds
REP – Benches
Rogue – TB-2 Trap Bars
Rogue – Kettlebells
Rogue – Bumper Plates (Over 2,000lbs)
Rogue – Jump Ropes
Rogue – 45lb Ohio Ower Bars
Rogue – Bella Bar 2.0
Concept 2 – Rowers
Concept 2 – Skier
Rogue – Echo Bikes
Title – Heavy Bags
Title – Upper Cut Bag
Plyo Boxes
Foam Rollers

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