Does getting hit by the Simunition FX rounds hurt?

The Simunition FX rounds are designed as a close-range combat training system.  Our training courses are designed for students to use sim rounds in force-to-force scenarios.  Yes, getting hit by a sim round could hurt.  We take every precaution to minimize the chance of participants being hit on exposed skin by providing the required personal protective equipment. 

For more information on Simunition go to their website

What should I wear in the shoot house?

Those participating in the shoot house experience or training courses must wear long pants (jeans or similar recommended), closed toe shoes, and a shirt.

Can I wear prescription glasses under my mask?

Yes, our provided safety helmets allow enough space to wear prescription glasses underneath the helmets.

What are the best types of shoes to wear?

Closed toe shoes with a rubber soul to provide sufficient traction for the shooter.

What is the age range for the shoot house?

The shoot house permits children as young as 14.

What is the age range for the shooting simulator?

All ages are welcome to enjoy the shooting simulation room but be aware there may be some content not suited for young children depending on what scenario you choose. 

What is the age range for the functional fitness area?

Children must be 14 or older to use the functional fitness area. 

Is the simulator room/shoot house wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all areas on the ground level of Franklin Defense are wheelchair accessible.

Can I wear my own gear in the shoot house?

All personal gear will be subject to a safety inspection. Those participating in training utilizing Simunition FX rounds must wear our helmets, throat protection, and groin protection.

Can I use my own (airsoft) gun in the shoot house?

Yes, but it will be subject to a safety and function check prior to approval. All airsoft guns must be in a case when entering the building.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Absolutely, as long we have openings on the schedule.

Will Franklin Defense be responsible for my personal belongings if they are stolen while in the shoot house?

No, all personal items should be secured in your vehicle. Franklin Defense is not responsible for personal property.

Can I take video/pictures while in the shoot house and simulator room?

The use of cell phones is permitted in the simulator room but NOT the shoot house.

Do you accept checks?

No, we accept credit card and cash payments only.

Can I use my cell phone to make calls or text while in the shoot house?

No. For your safety and that of others, cellular phones are prohibited in the shoot house.

I have a medical condition, should I / can I participate in activities at Franklin Defense?

We recommend you always consult with your doctor prior to any new physical activity when there is an existing medical concern. Training at Franklin Defense requires standing, movement, squatting, kneeling, standing, wearing equipment, and holding firearms which can increase the heart rate and cause fatigue in some people.

Can I participate in training if I have a physical disability?

Short answer, absolutely! We are no strangers to working with adaptive athletes/shooters. We still recommend that you consult with your doctor if there is any concern.

How soon should Birthday parties be scheduled?

Birthday parties ideally should be scheduled two weeks in advance. However, if possible, we can work on short notice when facility scheduling allows.