Virtual Shooting Range

Build your skills with hundreds of various skill building programs, to include 850+ HD reality based scenarios. Learn how to hone your critical thinking skills in shoot/no shoot encounters, our scenarios also include family friendly games so the whole family can join. Shooters of all experience levels will work on safety and marksmentship.

TI RECON Core Shooting Simulator

  • Skill builder programming
  • Range software to customize your agency qualification
  • Over 900 real-world scenarios
  • IR Laser Firearm Only
  • Airsoft w/IR Laser
  • Glock 17 w/IR Laser and TLR1 Light
  • AR-15 w/ IR Laser
  • IR Flashlight
  • Ballistic Shield
  • Barricades

*Law enforcement and security personnel can take advantage of our full law enforcement scenario package to include low light feature, adjustable light conditions on any scenario, and customizable trainee report. Our law enforcement instructors will vary the scenario outcome based on the officer’s response to the scenario threat. All scenarios and skill building applications can be utilized with our ballistic shield, barricades, and IR lights.

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